Leadership Utah Application 2019-2020

A diverse group of individuals will be selected to take part in Leadership Utah, Class of 2020, including representatives from both the private sector and the public sector. A maximum of 50 people will be admitted to the program. A confidential selection committee will evaluate all applications. Acceptance Letters will be sent out towards the end of July / first of August. Please do not send a payment for the program until you have been accepted.

Application Deadline - June 28, 2019 at 5 PM.

If accepted the cost for this 10 month program is $1,600.

For more information on the program and class dates, please visit www.slchamber.com/leadership-utah

*Please note, this is a members-only application. If your company is not a member, please contact a business development representative at (801) 364-3631.
(example: Mr. Michael "Mike" Smith)
(example: Michael A. Smith, Jr.)
(example: Mike Smith)
How did you hear about the Salt Lake Chamber's Leadership Utah program?
Biography (If the applicant is accepted into the program, this information will be distributed to the class.)
The following information will be used to put together a short biography about the applicant. Please write the answers in THIRD PERSON. Please keep descriptions in sentence form. NO BULLETS points.
Example: Mike Smith is an attorney for Smith, Smith and Smith. His practice is focused on employment, education, and nonprofit law.
Example: Mike earned his bachelor’s in English from the University of Utah and his law degree from the Brigham Young University where he was a member of the Law Review. After law school he clerked for Chief Justice Brown at the Utah Supreme Court.
Example: In his free time he enjoys all kinds of sports and outdoor activities, and is a particularly avid basketball player. Mike and his wife coach youth baseball and soccer and volunteer their time to Ballet West and the Utah Arts Festival. They enjoy spending time with their two children and traveling whenever their busy schedule allows.
Thank you for applying to the Salt Lake Chamber's Leadership Utah Class of 2020.
For more information contact: Jackie Sexton | Vice President of Programs & Events | Salt Lake Chamber | O: 801-328-5053 | C: 801.509.1054 | leadershiputah@slchamber.com or jsexton@slchamber.com