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Alliance House Serves Adults in Salt Lake City with Severe or Persistent Mental Illness.
We are a nonprofit “Clubhouse,” psycho-social program that is neither an institution nor a traditional treatment center. Those who Alliance House serves are considered Members, not clients. The basis of Alliance House is our uniquely supportive and collaborative Clubhouse setting where Members and staff work together to operate all aspects of the clubhouse in an atmosphere built on principles of mutual respect and caring. Founded on Jan 5, 1987; Alliance House is a proven successful program that is deeply committed to the principles of Clubhouse International, which supports over 360 Clubhouse-model programs in twenty-seven Countries. Alliance House is one of only twelve clubhouses in the world that is certified by Clubhouse International, to provide an extensive training course for other organizations; who are wanting to establish or enhance their own Clubhouse-model center. All donations made to Alliance House during our fundraisers will be used to provide our Clubhouse program to uninsured members.

“A Clubhouse is a Membership organization, and therefore the people who come and participate are its Members….This idea of Membership is fundamental to the clubhouse concept, as having Membership in an organization means that an individual has both shared ownership and shared responsibility for the success of that organization. To have Membership in an organization means to belong, to fit in somewhere, and to have a place where you are always welcome. For a perso