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LoanPro is uniquely capable of integrating with, and connecting with all tools needed for success as a lender. While LoanPro has a key focus on the servicing through collections stages of a loan lifecycle, the software is able to push and pull data, to and from partnering softwares with a powerful API as part of its structure. This provides a seamless experience from the origination of a loan through collections and close, while keeping the lender in control of their data. LoanPro uses a configuration first approach to ensure the software is a perfect fit for any organization's unique lending needs. With configurable process “wizards”, LoanPro provides customized walkthroughs for the users specific scenarios that ensure procedures are followed and human error is minimized. LoanPro allows lenders to offer multiple types of loans in one software, making it simple for a business to pivot and make adjustments to their offerings without requiring significant, costly, and time consuming changes to their technology. LoanPro simplifies workflow through automation, allowing the same job to be done by fewer people.


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